Leadership Committee

President – Alan MacLeod: president@myrugby.org

Vice President - Chris Monaghan liaison@myrugby.org

Treasurer – Bruce Adams: treasurer@myrugby.org

Clerk/Secretary - Chris Cuddy: secretary@myrugby.org

High School Committee Chair - Peter "Shaggy" Finneran: highschool@myrugby.org

Youth Committee Chair – Peter “Shaggy” Finneran: youth@myrugby.org

Girls Development Committee Chair - Jennifer McDonough: girls@myrugby.org

Collegiate Liaison - Chris St. Onge

Mr. Bill Good

Thank you and good luck!

Since 2007, Bill Good has been dedicating his time to the sport of rugby focusing on MYRO . Remaining very active with MYRO, USA Rugby and USA Y&HSR. He has put in countless hours as a volunteer, leader and personally financing the launch of MYRO. While he is stepping away from MYRO to focus on family matters, he will always be there on the sidelines watching over us. Thanks Bill and our thoughts are with you and your family.